As our name suggests, we believe that
some special things are not like the
others - they don't die, they just
adapt and evolve.

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Our Service.

As a full-service digital agency, we're committed to helping the
clients reach their business goals through digital solutions.

Digital Services

Our basic services include :

(1) Strategic planning
(2) Out-of-the-box creative
(3) Social media management
(4) Digital assets production
and content development.

Mobile Services

The future of digital interactions, commerce, and content marketing is shifting towards mobile ecosystem. Our solution integrates mobile platforms to every marketing campaigns in order to help our clients improve their business through exposure to the ever-growing world of mobile users. Our range of mobile advertising services includes app production and promotion.

Media & Analytics

Strategic media planning and implementation are inarguably important to determine consumer behavior, it helps clients identify which platforms to focus on and determine specifically what to do with it and to what certain extent. Knowing the statistics of our online and media-supported campaigns is a crucial step to measure their effectiveness. Our reporting and analytics services include: (1) Web and Social media analytics, (2) Digital monitoring, (3) Media campaign reporting.

Motion Pictures

Content is king, and the future of content marketing is certainly not only all about articles and images. We aim to bring content marketing to the next level by recreating moments with sensitivity and logic; mixed like a good cocktail using motion picture contents. Statistics show that video contents generate more engagement compared to non-video contents.


In providing total marketing service, in most times digital needs to align with ATL and BTL parties to achieve mutual KPI. As our extended service, we commit to accommodate client's needs by providing design, event organizing and other below-the-line activities.

Case Studies.

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